Cannes 2015 sex party

Cannes 2015 sex party

I am developing a project, the comedy “Unicorn Sex Party” about a sex-starved divorcee and her foray into swinger’s parties and sex clubs. While in Cannes for the film festival, I thought it would be the perfect time to check out the vibe at the sex clubs – Oh la la!   My theory was that the climate might be a bit more misogynistic than the clubs in the states, but then again the French pretty much invented sexy so I was anxious to check it out!

Famous for les club échangiste, I imagined Cannes swingers clubs over-run with starlets and celebrities during the festival. What famous couple would need me to jump-start their lackluster love life? What globe trotting billionaire would step off his or her yacht for a night of pleasure avec moi?

At 10 pm I was the first person to arrive!  Awkward.  Apparently business is slow during the festival because traffic is bad. The bartender was good looking, but very busy putting out pretzels and chocolates. I went straight for the jacuzzi, enclosed in a fabulously kitschy jungle grotto, avec exotic plastic plants and artificial rocks. Heavy black light completed the vibe, and as I stepped in to soak my aching feet, my Malibu Barbie pedicure glowed luminously pink in the luke warm water. Ahhhh.

The doorbell rang and a second and third man entered the building. I was outnumbered and fear crept over me like a wet blanket. A warning from a French friend back home: Be careful of the men in the clubs. My body tensed as I perched on a fake rock, ready to spring into action.


Kenny Powers

But they barely looked at me as they dashed around re-jiggering the stereo system. A man looking like Kenny Powers visited me briefly, inquiring in a heavy accent “Are you okay?” I nodded yes and he scurried off.

In the states, my experience in the swinger’s scene with men is that they generally pander to the pleasing of women. Men are reviewed online with comments like “good oral skills” or “excellent use of the hands” (lol).  So when a single male approached me, I expected the same until he made oafish advances, in spite of me asking him to slow down.  Ugh. I lost patience, put my clothes on and hit the cobblestone road!

Exactly one year has passed since my separation from my husband and the universe has provided me with plenty of sexual healing. So much in fact that I feel over saturated. However upon my return to the USA, I did have the pleasure of having a man give me a tantric yoni massage, which is all about pleasing a woman. (ladies, google it – amazing.)   Although it is unfair to generalize, my experience proves a difference in male sexual behavior in the swinger’s scene in France. Vive la difference.


Cannes 2015 and A Call To Action

Cannes 2015 and A Call To Action

I have been dying to go to the Cannes Film Festival for over ten years. This year in 2015, I finally went, appropriately in what is being called The Year of the Woman.  While it is encouraging to have the ACLU fighting gender disparities in TV and film directing, there is a long way to go to affect real change.

What better way to get the party started than to ban a group of from a Cannes gala screening for not wearing high heels!  The outcry rippled through the festival, but I wish it were more for the main Cannes competition only including two female directors. I happened to get a gala ticket for one of the two – “Mon Roi” directed by Maiwenn and gleefully suffered the red carpet in six inch heels.

Marche du Film Cannes 2015

Marche du Film Cannes 2015

As a Cannes newbie I was shopping “Erasing Eden”, the nearly complete feature drama that I directed. The hallways of the Marche du Film, however, were devoid of female protagonists and female filmmakers, judging from the posters and key art.  My creative partner Justo Diaz and his wife have three little girls and we want them to grow up with entertainment that eclipses the gender bias. We have been crafting “Pimp Girl” a vengeance-laced action story featuring a kick ass female protagonist to that end. I tried to imagine our project squeezed into this year’s crop of male centric Van Damme movies and Game of Thrones rip offs.  Think big.

Inside the Marche du Film

Inside – The Palais

Real change is going to take a lot of hard work, solidarity and sacrifice; it must be felt economically by the industry.  Echoing influential writer Melissa Silverstein from a recent female activist gathering, money talks and action is necessary. Melissa raised two ways to affect change that I will personally challenge myself to implement:

Boycott male driven and directed films…and HIRE WOMEN.

For the ACLU petition Click here:

(stay tuned for my next blog post “Cannes Sex Party”)